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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  November 28, 2009 10:00am-11:00am EST

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coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. we'll have all of that, plus the five new best car deals for you. first, right to this developing story in florida. police are looking for answers today from tiger woods after an accident outside his home early friday morning. >> my two with officers arrived at the scene and noticed tiger woods laying on the ground in front of his vehicle with his wife over him rendering first aid. >> nbc's mark potter is live in miami. good morning to you. what are police saying here and the big question, is tiger okay? >> he seems to be okay. his agent says he's fine. the hospital issued a statement yesterday saying he was treated and released in good condition. as to what happened, police say they are still in the process of piecing that together. but say that it all began in the early morning hours yesterday. >> reporter: authorities say the one-car accident occurred at 2:25 a.m., just outside tiger woods' home in a fashionable gated community near orlando.
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according to the florida highway patrol, woods backed out of his drive way in his suv, drove forward, hit a fire hydrant, then struck a neighbor's tree, suffering facial cuts. >> he had lace raigss to his upper and lower lip. >> the chief says when officers arrived, woods' wife was at the accident scene helping her husband. >> from what we understand, his wife came out of of the house when she heard the accident, him hitting the fire hydrant. used a golf club is what we're told to break out the window, removed him from the vehicle and laid him down in the street. >> reporter: woods was taken to a local hospital for treatment and later released. the highway patrol says there was no evidence of alcohol use. >> tiger woods was in a minor car accident outside his home last night. he was admitted, treated and released today in good condition. >> reporter: because the 33-year-old woodsed is considered the greatest golfer in the world with a huge fan base, news of his accident
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flashed around the country, especially because the investigating officer in his report said woodsed' injuries were serious. amid questions about whether the accident resulted from a fight between woods and his wife, the wind mere police chief said he had no such evidence. >> my officers had no indication of any domestic vie or anything like that. >> reporter: the spokesman for the florida highway patrol said when officers went to interview, he was sleeping. officers agreed to come this afternoon to finally question woods about the accident. >> on his website, tiger woods repeated the hospital statement, that he was released in good condition. he also thanked people for their concern but said nothing else. we're waiting for word later today from the florida highway patrol on whether they were indeed able to interview tiger woods and what they found out. alex? >> mark, we know that those air bags did not deploy because he wasn't going all that fast,s was he?
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do we know anything about the speed? he ran right into that fire hide rant. that was on hey neighbor's property so he couldn't have gone far. >> no. in fact, it looked -- you're right. the airbag did not deploy. that p happens at 30 miles an hour, we're told. so he was under 30. there's a spot on the yard, it looks like his or the adjoining neighbor's yard, where there's a spot it looked like where the fire hydrant might have been. it might have been knocked down. there's a tree year it that looks like it has scrapes on it. but there's no big accident scene. no, he couldn't have been going that fast. officers say that he was hurt, that he was cut, that he was in and out of consciousness, that he was mumbling. talking but not really coherently. so he was injured, but, again, was released and apparently is fine now. but not going all that fast and certainly didn't get very far. >> mark potter, thank you for the very latest. we'll get more today. now to the socialits who apparently pulled a fast one on
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the secret service. politico is reporting the president has ordered a review of what went wrong at the white house state dinner when an uninvited virginia couple was able to slip in and party the night away. that's not all. the salahis managed to personally meet the president. right there you see him shaeking his hand. mike vi keira is live at the white house. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> the secret service had originally said that the security breakdown did not put the president in danger. now they're backing away from that? >> reporter: a couple of late developments. first of all, that picture of mrs. salahi greeting the president, as did every guest that came to that state dinner tuesday night, the first ever of the obama administration, that photograph was with released late yesterday and the secret service put out a statement saying they are deeply concerned and embarrassed by this incident and that established protocols were not followed at an initial checkpoint. the story is that in the southeast quadrant of the white
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house complex a uniformed secret service agent allowed them to pass thinking that at the next check point their credentials would be checked, invitation checked. evidently it wasn't. entered into the white house, got pictures with the vice president, the white house chief of staff, katie couric and other notable individuals. so a lot of red-faced officials here over the last couple of days at the white house. apparently these folks were just publicity seekers. they're from neighboring northern virginia, aspiring socialits. the number of claims they've made about themselves have been debunked. the claims they made on facebook, facebook was the original way we learned they had gotten into the white house. they posted those pictures themselves. but mrs. salahi claimed to be a washington redskins cheerleader. the chaer leader alum any has no recollection of her being part of that xwaurd. she claims to be a victoria's
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secret model. now they're saying they have no record that she was ever a model for that organization as well. a lot of going back through their claims and counterclaims. but the bottom line here is, this couple got into the white house at a state dinner among some of the more powerful people in the country. not only this country, of course, but india and many people here are embarrassed, alex. >> mike , more next hour. so the question is, who are the salahis, the pair married in october of 2002 in front of 1800 guests. supreme court justice anthony kennedy spoke at their wedding. he is a co-founder of the american polo cup and captain of the team. his parents founded one of virginia's first wineries in 1977. new reporting is showing up a tarnished reality. the new yo"new york daily news" his parents are trying to sell the winery to pay off debt they hold their son responsible for.
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the salahis homes are in foreclosure and cars have been repossessed. "the washington post" pi picks on what mike said, that mrs. salahi was a washington redskins cheerleader. they have no record of her ever being affiliated with the team. we'll talk to a former fbi profiler about the salahis' background and what might have been going through their minds at the dinner. at this hour, the hunt is on for a florida man police say opened fire on his family during a thanksgiving gathering. police in jupiter, 90 miles north of miami, saying 35-year-old paul michael shot six family members killing four of them including his pregnant sister and his 6-year-old cousin who was asleep in her bed. the incident took place at a home of a photo journalist at west balm peach. police say there was ongoing resentment between the alleged
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shooter and several family members but they're not sure what specifically prompted the tranl ick shooting. the faa has released control tower tapes from that northwest airlines flight that overshot its minneapolis destination by 150 miles last month. the tapes reveal air traffic controllers reechtedly trying to reach the flight. final willie after flying those 150 miles past minneapolis, flight 188 calls in. >> once on the ground, the pilot said they were on their laptops and weror distracted by the new crew scheduling procedures they were checking out. the faa has revoked the licenses of those two pilots. let's go now to the weather. an unexpected surprise at a
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holiday tree lighting in squaw valley, california. they didn't expect it, but they got snow, a light dusting coated the ground in friday. at least two dozen car crashes were with reported, making for some dangerous driving. let's get the latest weather forecast. we'll head to stephanie abrams. >> hey there. do you like it hot or cold? >> i love to ski so i love it cold then. otherwise, hot's good. >> we're going from hot to cold in a lot of cities here in the lower 48. we're above average places like st. louis, kansas city. currently in the 50s, but 20 degrees above average for us. look at this. over the last 24 hours, we have warmed 19 degrees in st. louis. we'll top out at 69. that is 20 degrees above average. but it's not going to last very long. enjoy the sunshine and enjoy the warmth today through the middle of the country because we are back to reality. there you go, 46 in kansas city,
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also into dallas we are back to reality as well on sunday. as we head into monday, our temperatures are staying about the same. back to reality. that rhyme that reminds me of the eminem song. >> real quick, as we look at new york city, absolutely beautiful, it was unusually warm for thanksgiving. >> yeah, it was. you know, today i think the big story is going to be the wind. i don't know if you noticed it, but it's grab a hat. that' slowing down the airports as well. a lot of people could be delayed. newark 45-minute delays. >> we have to let everybody know you're the co-star of "wake up with al," 6:00 a.m. we'll get a graphic and put that up for the next hour. >> you guys are sweet. >> it's a great show. >> we love having you on. >> i love it except the getting up early part. coming up this hour, the president and the afghanistan plan. will the top generals be satisfied with the decision? also, the rescue of a dolphin after it got caught dm the path of a hourful hurricane.
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msnbc is the place for politics and this tuesday night president obama is going to go prime-time with his plans for afghanistan. in a speech to be broadcast from the u.s. military academy at west point, the president is expected to announce a dramatic increase in the u.s.'s presence in afghanistan. it may be a difficult sell to gemt democrats. 57% of democrats want to start withdrawing troops from the region, 29% want to expand the war. i'm joined by pat buchanan,
10:16 am
peter fen for whom i'm very thankful this thanksgiving weekend. good morning, guys. >> good morning. >> pat, can you calculate the political risk here for the president tuesday night? is anyone going to be completely satisfied by what he has to say? >> i think a lot of republicans probably will be because my guess is he's going to come in between 30,000 and 40,000 troops with 5,000 to 10 thoshgs trainers, which is pretty much what general mcchrystal wants. what the republicans want. but politically, of course, the problem is with his own party and this decision will not only divide his party very deeply, but i think the larger part of it opposing his decision. but i think it will depress and demoralize his political base, the liberal wing of the democratic party, the kucinich folks and much broader than that, feingolded and the others. that will hurt the democratic party in the 2010 elections. >> peter, pat referencing those and the liberal wing of the
10:17 am
party, what about the blue dogs who will just say cost? look at all of this. can the democrats get on board? >> i mean, he really is caught alex between a rock and a hard place here. this is, as pat and i have talked about with you on previous saturdays, i think this is the toughest decision of his presidency. he's banking on the fact that he's getting the right advice from his generals. he's going to talk i think a lot less about troop numbers and a lot more about mission, a lot more about what he needs to accomplish over there, and also about exit strategy. so obviously his hope is that in the course of the next year or so this policy will work. but, you know, it is tough because it's not like we only have to calculate, alex, the cost of a health care plan and education reform and energy policy, but, you know, this is a million dollars per year per troop. so if you're talking about 30,000 to 40,000 troops in there, we've got to pay for it somehow. i think you're going to see a
10:18 am
lot of concern about where does that $40 billion to $50 billion come from to pay for this thing. >> pat -- >> it's one of the real problems here for president obama, he's agonizing over this decision. it's not clear he really wanted to make it. he doesn't seem enthusiastic about it. he has spent three or four months folks say dithering or studying. he is not acting like a war president, a commander in chief, you know. in war there is no substitute for victory, and i think that is going to present a political problem for him as well. and quite frankly for the country because the country is as divided almost as the democratic party over this war. i've never seen a war situation, even iraq, where the nation itself was less enthusiastic about pursuing it for the nebulous goals we seem to be pursuing. >> peter, on the campaign trail, this president talked a lot about afghanistan as something
10:19 am
that the, i guess, ball had been drop, we had lost our focus on afghanistan in lieu of iraq. isn't he now following up really on campaign discussion discussi putting his money where his mouth is? >> sure. that's the point. we should have spent the money and effort and troops and our treasure on afghanistan, he says, and pakistan, that whyaref the world and on iraq. he's been proved right about that. but the problem is that you've had eight years of dithering by the past administration when it comes to afghanistan. so that's what i meant by being between a rock an a hard place. but, pat, the key here really i think is, does this policy work? and i think in the end of the day it has got to be the afghans that take control of their own country. they have to go from 92,000 army troops to 240,000, 250,000. they have to double the number of police force. this has to be about a fight not
10:20 am
between us you and the taliban but between with the afghanys and the taliban. >> alex? >> yeah. >> this commitment of 40,000 troops means this will be the blazing issue in the -- if there's a democratic challenge to him in 2012 and in the election of 2012 because you put those troops in there and that's what's going to happen. your earlier point, alex, is exactly on point. he did say, this is the necessary war. iraq is the unnecessary war. and this is where the heart of the battle against terrorism is. he painted himself into a corner. i think to give himself hawkish cover during a campaign in which he was being attacked as weak on defense, et cetera. and i think he realized about mid-year that he had painted himself into this corner and thus all the agonizing over this decision. i don't believe he really would go into afghanistan now if we weren't already there. >> pat, what do you think in
10:21 am
terms -- >> i think the timing on this is key, pat. i mean, my sense of this is that you're going to hear tuesday night very specific exit strategy approaches. >> peter, hang on a second. you say you're going to hear something specific about exit strategy approaches? a timeline? >> i don't have inside information. >> but you expect it? >> you know, that -- >> i do. i think the american people -- pat is absolutely right. look, most of these wars start with great public support. most have both houses and both parties behind them. this one is starting off very 10 tiffly. and i think he has got to prove to people that there are specific missions, specific goals to accomplish and an end date and end timetable here. >> peter, how do you ask young men to go fight and die -- i mean, it's going to be hundreds dead at least and thousands more wounded over a number of years, to fight for an exit strategy so
10:22 am
we can get out? i mean, if we're going to get out, people will say, if we're going to get out and take whatever happens, get out now before we invest more american troops, more american casualties. >> last word, peter. >> there is an argument for that, pat. my sense of it is, what he wants to see is a stabilizing of that country and he wants to see the afghanys take over. that's the end result. there's no military victory that's going to be had here. we all know that. there wasn't in iraq. >> okay. guys, thank you so much for that. hey, guess what we're talking about next time? the party crashers. >> all right! >> peter's friend, i think. >> peter, your friend? investigations under way. >> no, no. >> we're going to see. >> the delusional dell ataunt. >> bye-bye, boys. see you next hour. still ahead -- the five best new car deals on the market, plus the ones you'll want to avoid here on "msnbc saturday."
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signs of life in the economy if early black friday reports are to be believed. reports today suggest shoppers took advantage big-time of the deals on toys and tvs on stores and online. a retail reporter for "the washington post," good morning to you. >> good morning. >> in your article this week you say that the one thing really on the top of most people's list this year, staying on a budget. >> yeah. that's exactly right. you know, we've seen consumers have a very tight budget for a very long time now. the recession has impangted people, unemployment is at 10%. so obviously everyone is looking at, how can i provide for my family but provide for them with paying less than i did last year. >> sales are expected to dip this holiday season by about 1% or so. when are we going to get the hard numbers on the black friday sales and how do you expect them to read? >> they won't come out until sunday. they'll come out about sunday afternoon because really the black friday weekend is a full weekend, not just black friday
10:27 am
anymore. it's saturday and sunday as well. so we'll see about 134 million shoppers are expected to come out this weekend. you know, what's important is not just the number of people who come out but also how much they were able to spend because if people are just buying those bargains, just buying the things that are on sale, retailers may not get the numbers they were hoping for. >> right. are you getting any anecdotal evidence about how this is going to read? >> well, what we're hearing is that the crowds were very big. i talked to folks at toys "r" us who said they averaged about 1,000 people waiting outside the stores to get in before black friday. one kmart store in iowa apparently had 1,500 people waiting outside. some folks were waiting as early as tuesday to try to get into the stores. we know that consumers were really looking for deals and were making a point to get out to the stores this holiday >> do we xpengt better deals on the online sales come monday, cyber monday, even those that
10:28 am
were the deep discounts we saw on friday? >> cyber monday is a very big day. there are about 700 retailers that are participating. really a day for online retailers to shine. if you are at work, having trouble adjusting to being back in the office, you can shop online and find great discounts. there definitely will be discounts rolled out over the next week, really. it's cyber monday, but it roles all the way through friday and saturday of next week as well. there will be discounts to be found on those days if you didn't get to shop over the past weekend. >> well, we know bha a lot of people will be doing monday. thank you very much. >> no problem. we'll have more on the new questions following tiger wood ' trip to the hospital. we'll hear from a reporter next from florida. nininininininininii
10:29 am
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10:31 am
more questions than answers this morning following a car accident involving tiger woods. authorities in florida hope to talk to the golf star later
10:32 am
today about his suv accident early friday morning in front of his home. joining me live on the phone, radio reporter rozzy franco. good morning. >> good morning. >> what are you you hearing right now about what happened and how tiger's doing? >> okay. well, what we know is he checked out of the hospital and according to his site he told everybody, look, i'm doing fine. thank you for your concern. and as he was checked out, according to the report, he said he was in "good condition." as far as the crash, we know that he crashed not even a quarter of a quarter of a mile from his home in his neighbor's yard. let's go through the report a little bit, briefly. his wife used a golf club to smash open the back of the window of the suv. he crashed into a fire hydrant, scuffed a tree. what his condition was when he decided to leave his home at 2:00 in the morning we don't know. we do know that when the police got there at 2:25, they said he was somewhat coherent and that he's okay now.
10:33 am
>> rozzie, the hour of the day, people are going to wonder if alcohol is involved but that's been ruled out, right? >> it has. the digging i've been doing, pga tour golfer lee jansen said that tiger doesn't sleep well and also, you know, that lack -- he could have been going to some kind of workout or something so he might have been a little bit groggy. he might have been using prescription medications. that could have been a factor. they didn't test for any analgesics or derivative nz his testimony. that was not in the report. now, the timing -- >> you mean leak a sleepwalking translating to sleep-driving or something? >> sure. i mean, if he had problems with sleeping, doctors oftentimes administer some kind of sleep medicine. but i don't know if he was tested for that because that wasn't in the report. >> rozzie, what about the area there? what kind of an area is it?
10:34 am
what about security? you know, this kind of disruption at 2:00 in the morning, is this the kind of thing where all the neighbors were up, what's happening? >> no. they were very concerned. this is tiger woods. from what i know, he does leave at that particular time to go and actually work out and practice. this is wind amere and this little subdivision is -- wind amere police were with there just shortly after they got the call because you've got to understand as soon as that call came in they were there within minutes. so it did come after 2:00 in the morning which does raise a lot of questions. >> yes. wfla radio reporter rozzie franco, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me. >> we'll have the latest details on what happened to tiger woods at the top of the hour in another live report from florida. let's go to washington now where some are calling them the new balloon boy family. some say they're more akin to mtv reality stars spencer and heidi pratt.
10:35 am
tareq and michaela salahi. the secret service is embarrassed. the couple's lawyers says his clients were cleared to be there. joining us live from washington, ann corn blue and clint van zant. good morning to the two of you. >> good morning. >> ann, let's talk about the salahis and their claim to fame. we've got "the washington post" with a long report on them. how does it read? >> well, they are really something. they are actually pretty well-known around the washington area. they're a social family and obviously now a lot more well-known. they've pretty much gone into hiding over the last few days. everyone trying to track them down and even their lawyer clamming up a little bit. we've devoted a lot of reporters to this story. in any case, they are really -- their 15 minutes has extended all throughout the thanksgiving weekend. >> anne, what's the most interesting thing you've found
10:36 am
out about them, what starpnds o in your mind? like, really? >> well, i'll defer to you and what you think the most important thing is. i think at this point their crashing the white house party is most interesting. >> yeah. i agree. being able to get through that. to which i'll ask clint a question right now. how did that happen? how did they penetrate white house security? >> well, it looks like it was a ground ball, alex. it looks like they walk like a duck and quack like a duck so they show up at the outer perimeter and say, oh, there must be some mistake. there's all kinds of people lined up, trying to get in. there's a mist, it's raining. the overworked maybe underpaid secret service uniform says, ah, you look like you belong. i'll wave you in and the next level of security will catch you if you don't belong. alex, you can't do that. you're the outer perimeter. you've got to stop them right there because everything else just collapsed like a stack of dominos spread out over a gymnasium floor.
10:37 am
it all fell in. they got into the men. >> i was going to actually add there that i think there are still some unknowns in all of this. obviously the couple through their lawyer has disputed that they say they were on a list. i can tell you as someone who goes into the white house on a pretty regular basis, you know, the white house can call down, put names on a guest list, there is a little bit of flexibility. so i think at this point that's actually one of the central mysteries, although the white house is saying this is the secret service, the couple is disputing that. that's one of the things that will be sorted out in the investigation i think. >> right now you've got the social secretary saying, we didn't wave them in. in fact, we didn't have somebody at the gate at that time. alex, what i think is important is what trumps, security or being social? >> protocol. >> which really counts in this case? >> a really good point. i'm sure the secret service want to know what that's all about. >> anne, knowing what it's like to get through security at the white house, do you really think that the white house social
10:38 am
office could have had their name on a list and somehow it didn't make it to the list of, what, 320 or so invited guests? it could be a simple mistake just as that. would you put money on that, anne, or not? >> at this point, no. i would never put money on that. i think the first to note, the secret service does a great job for people who are so-called permanently cleared into the white house. every time they go in they get checked for weapons, anything dangerous. that's important to note. but i would with say in terms of their being on a list, it's a big place. there are a number of people who can clear people in. so i think at this point that's why we're seeing the investigation ongoing. >> clint, what do you think should happen to the salahis? do you think they'll face some sort of criminal charges? >> well, let me take you back to july 1982 when this guy broke into buckingham palace, wandered around the palace, cut his hand on broken glass, sat there on the end of the queen's bedroom and dripped blood on her bed as he asked for cigarettes. she called for help and couldn't
10:39 am
get it. he was only charged with drinking a half bottle of inexpensive california wine and he was sent to a psychiatric facility. in this particular case, i think what we're going to see is these two individuals charged, be it trespassing or lying to a federal agent, they'll probably get six months probation and the secret service abdomen the white house will hope the legs fall off this story and it goes away. but alex in the meantime, there are crazies, criminals and terrorists that are going to school on this just like some tom clancy novel. >> i really hope this is not translating into tv reality show fame for them. i mean, really do we want to see them on the house wives of washington, d.c.? no. >> not at all. >> we'll see. anne kornblut, clint van zant, thank you so much. at the top of the hour, a live report on the obama administration's reaction as we look at what is next for the uninvited party guests. nasa announcing a giant
10:40 am
piece of space chunk is not longer a worry. scientists had kept a close eye on a chunk of a 10-year-old rocket that seem to be on a collision course with the space station. today they say the junk won't come any closer than five miles from the space station. that's far enough away that the space station will not have to change its course. you better act quick because they're flying off the store shelves, the official holiday shopping season under way. we're taking a look at the hottest gifts out there. joining me here in the studio is ed krueger with staples. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> staples is a place for gifts. you wouldn't think about it, but there are great things there like the flip ultra handheld. >> i think kids will love this this holiday season. you see that it's named for its connectivity. you see how the usb connection flips out. what's great about this for kids is that it's not like your traditional camcorder. it's held in the palm of your hand, which really makes great for portability, you can basically shoot videos anytime, on your way to school. really appeals to kids.
10:41 am
>> how much? >> i believe 149. there was a time with camcorders you had to take out like a no payments no interest. >> that's pretty great, especially for kids. what about the portal mp3 speaker? >> this is really neat. i can't believe the sound that comes out of this. if you want to take a listen. it's pretty awesome for a portable speaker. ♪ what's neat about this is it works for pretty much mp3, ipods. >> that is excellent sound. is that up all the way? there didn't seem to be a lot of distortion there. >> no. it's not even all the way yet. it's really neat. it gets even smaller so you can actually pull it out. it has great bass and treble. >> how much? >> only $10. >> what? that's only 10 bucks? that's a great deal. >> yeah. >> what about the digital frame ornament? >> we have one at home. it basically will cycle through all your past holiday season pictures. it really becomes the focus on
10:42 am
your holiday tree. >> how much is that one? >> this also is $10. these are both exclusives to staples. great prices. >> you had a couple software titles you wanted to run by? >> great titles, only $9.99, including great learning titles like spongebob typing. >> great for the kids. >> sure. that's a great title, a lot of kidpix, a lot of learning, educational titles. great gifts, only will $9.99. >> thu for sharing that with us. ed kruger from staples. i can't believe how loud that is. >> i have a gift for you, an "easy" button. >> that was easy. still ahead, the new poll on global warming. are most americans believing the message? that story in the next hour on "msnbc saturday."
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
american student amanda knox is back in court in italy today.
10:46 am
the defense is continuing closing arguments in the murder trial of knox and her one-time italian boyfriend. they stand accused in the fatal stabbing of knox's former roommate. they both deny being involved. just days from now president obama will lay out his plans for afghanistan in an address to the nation and the most anticipated part of that plan, the number of additional troops the president will be sending to the country. for some perspective, i'm joined live by msnbc military analyst jack jacobs. another good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the numbers of troops, what are you hearing and do you expect that to be enough? >> 30,000, 35,000 or so. i think general mcchrystal and petraeus both would have liked lots more. there's no general who doesn't want lots and lots of troops just to be on the safe side. but i think he's going to get a reasonable number in order to accomplish the mission and a number of places like kandahar province, helman province where the poppies are grown. up on the border with pakistan
10:47 am
where there's lots of infiltration of ald oold and taliban. probably enough -- it does mean it will probably take longer than everybody think. >> it's not the city areas. it's the outskirt areas? >> those are the areas that are the biggest problem areas, where there's been the biggest infiltration. we have a unified country and we focus our attention on the capital. even in iraq attention is focused on the capital because it's been essentially a governed country for a long, long time. afghanistan is not like that. the attention on the provinces is not on the capitol. everything is local, politics and the tribal leaders and the regions we abandoned after 2001. we're going to focus more attention on that now. with any luck, some effect will be had on the bad guys who have infiltrated yat. >> do you expect the president to outline an exit strategy? how he do that and to what degree should he be specific? >> lots of people, especially
10:48 am
the congress, have been pressuring him to do exactly that. give a timeline. in these circumstances, we're leaving. i think he's probably not going to do that. if he does, it's a big mistake. this is an unconventional war, very, very difficult to ascertain exactly when you're finished in a particular area except to say we've got a high degree of confidence that the afghans can take care of themselves in this area or that area. i think he'll focus his attention on that. >> want to get to details involving the interview with david petraeus that will run in tomorrow's "parade" magazine. you asked him if the u.s. has enough unconventional troops to be effective. his response, he told you, "we don't have sufficient people who are trained in counterinsurgency and counterterrorism, but secretary gates has collect directed an expansion of these forces. it's a growth industry and we will will get what we require". >> the military establishment for a long time has been demanding larger numbers of special forces and operations forces especially since secretary rumsfeld left office
10:49 am
and secretary gates came on. we need more of these people, mobile training teams, more of these people that train local chieftons and their militias to repel the bad guys and have needed them in iraq as well. we haven't had them. one of the reasons is that the military forces are too small and second it takes a long time to train these people. well, the worm has turned. i think we're going to start training more of these people, but we won't be able to produce them overnight. it will be some time before we have enough of these people to send to theater. that's one of the reasons why it's going to take a little bit longer than people think in afghanistan. >> colonel jack jacobs, thanks. still ahead -- the five best new car deals on the market here on "msnbc saturday." t the economy has changed, let's fine-tune your business to take advantage of new opportunities. (music volume decreases) well, ups can help lower warehouse costs, (music volume increases) while increasing your global reach. (volume increases, decreases) more ups technology can help bring down paperwk. (music volume increases) and ups has more shipping options than anyone.
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now to a dramatic rescue in the wake of hurricane ida earlier this month. a young bottlenose dolphin was
10:53 am
found stranded over 100 yards onshore and was in critical condition when rescuers from the institute for marine mammal studies rushed to its aid. the dolphin is now recovering in an aquarium at the institute. earlier today we heard from the doctor treating the wayward dolphin. >> the animal was in pretty bad condition, almost dead. he was in shock and disoriented. there was quite an extensive medical care involved. it required special equipment, special people. we took x-rays, we took blood work, and the animal was helped in the water, like i said, was very disoriented. >> but the doctor does say the dolphin has been recovering remarkably well. they're going to wait to see if the dolphin is fully recovered before deciding whether the animal is returning to sea or kept at the aquarium. well, the shoppers aren't just finding deals at the mall this holiday weekend. they're also finding them at car dealerships. you've seen them, certainly, those ads promising consumers incredible year-end savings. but are there some real bargains
10:54 am
to be had or is this just some type of hype? joining me from detroit, ray wert, editor in chief of a popular auto blog. welcome back. good morning. >> good morning. >> so, we looked at a lexus ad. we were just seeing it there as i was reading it to you. are people buying the luxury cars in this economy? >> well, they're buying luxury cars, they're buying small cars, they're buying pickup trucks, and especially right now with the need to pull 2009 model year cars off the lots to make room for 2010, there's some real deals to be had. >> okay, so is that really the motivation for these luxury cars, because haven't they been suffering in sales with the recession? >> they have been, but they've also shifted production in order to make it a little bit more even with the number of sales that they're seeing. but we're still seeing a lot of luxury vehicles are being provided some really good sticker numbers. we're seeing some really good deals that are available out there. >> yeah, let's pop up our poll screen and we can show people some of the best ones out there.
10:55 am
you say some of the top five -- you've got the 2010 suzuki sx4, gm dealer closing sale, bmw diesel luxury sedan, 2009 cadillac csvs, 2009 dodge rams. how does the 2010 suzuki model make it on there? because 2009s, you get. they're trying to clear those out. good deal on a 2010? >> right. well, it's a great deal, which is one of the reasons it's the number one car dealer we found. they're giving an extra $500 in holiday cash on top of an already well-incentivized vehicle. now, it's a great small car that with these incentives in place comes in at a price that's below $15,000, which, frankly in this economy, is a great deal. it's not a luxury car, but it's a great deal, nonetheless. >> no, but you talk about $15,000. a lot of the cars on your list are pretty pricey. which one of these five is the best one? is it the dodge ram? is that the one? >> well, the dodge ram pickup truck is -- they're putting
10:56 am
$5,500 on the hood of it. they really want to get the 2009 model year vehicles out in order to make room for the 2010s, which dealers are clamoring for. but they're giving a huge incentive. really, we're seeing our tax dollars at work here at both gm and chrysler, as they're trying to ship some car sales. >> okay. let's check out the deals to avoid. another five tips right there. we talked about the ford's year-end event. what about -- what's the subaru donates to charity for you? >> exactly. i think most consumers would prefer that the charity of the consumer, but they're providing a $250 check to one of seven charities if you buy a new subaru, but that's also -- i mean, they're victims of their own success. they've done some really great sales throughout the year and sold a lot of vehicles. so they don't have much to get rid of at the end of the year. >> okay. well, ray wert, thank you very much, editor in chief of jalopnik. thank you for your time. >> thank you. still ahead, questions
10:57 am
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